2019 - Sep - 19

New technical materials open up new horizons

“N102 cut flavor series upgraded version, the design pays more attention to people's habit of using the cutter. The cutt....

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2019 - Sep - 10

A interview to some of the exhibitors

Yesterday, we made a brief interview to some of the exhibitors who participated in the last session of the Knife Fair, mainly....

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2019 - Sep - 06

Yangjiang Knife Fair carries more missions

Yangjiang has held 17 consecutive knives fairs, and the significance of industrial boosters has become more prominent. Looking ahe....

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2019 - Sep - 02

To create good platform for development for the industry of knives and scissors

Yesterday morning carried out the fourth activity of the hardware knife scissors industry development economic and trade foru....

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2019 - Aug - 28

China knives and scissors Capital- Yangjiang

China Knives Fair is based in China knives and scissors Capital- Yangjiang, where 4300+ knives & scissors manufactur....

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2019 - Aug - 23

The Grand Opening of the Largest Knives and Kitchen Appliances Exhibition Will Be on Oct 18th

YANGJIANG, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The 18th China (Yangjiang) International Hardware Knives & Scissors Fair will be held on Oc....

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