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Why Yangjiang

Strengths and Advantages of Yangjiang Scissors Production Base
      The hardware scissors industry is the traditional competitive industry of Yangjiang. With a long history of more than 1400 years, Yangjiang is a production base and export base of knives and scissors in China, and a global procurement base of metal knife and scissors. It holds an important place and plays an important role in the metal scissors industry at home and abroad. Yangjiang is known as "The Hometown of Knife and Scissor in China."
      There are more than 3,600 metal scissor and knife enterprises across the city. The product profolio includes kitchen knife scissors, multi-purpose knife, set knife, ceramic knife, multi-purpose pliers, tableware, garden tools, beauty tools, building scaffolding, tool carts and so on.
      At present, Yangjiang is committed to establishing China's high-end stainless steel industrial base (Yangjiang) , and creating a complete stainless steel industrial chain from basic raw materials to metal products so as to provide low-cost and high-quality raw materials for the development of the hardware scissors industry. The current production capacity ranks first in South China. It is estimated that by 2020, the output value of the city's stainless steel industry will exceed RMB100 billion.


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