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To create good platform for development for the industry of knives and scissors

Yesterday morning carried out the fourth activity of the hardware knife scissors industry development economic and trade forum. The keynote speaker from zhuhai (yangjiang) co-built industrial park introduced the overall situation of the industrial park, investment conditions and preferential policies, as well as the general situation and access conditions of yangjiang hardware knife and scissors research and development base.

The speaker introduced the general situation of the industrial park through projection pictures, listening, speaking and demonstrating. He said that the park is gradually improving road, water supply, power supply, greening and other infrastructure, the overall level of the park construction has been improved, committed to creating a production, living, ecological integration of modern industrial park.

Afterwards, the speaker analyzed the development form of the Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors industry, and focused on the Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors research and development base. Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors production and development base takes vientiane industrial park as the focus, through cooperation with Germany, Switzerland, South Korea and other countries, to improve the raw materials, production technology, technical design of yangjiang hardware knife and scissors industry, so as to improve the core competitiveness of yangjiang hardware knife and scissors industry.

"Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors industry is well-known in China, but there are also problems such as single product, lack of innovation, lack of talents and backward management. The transformation and development of knife and shear industry is in urgent need of a centralized development platform. The speaker said that as long as the enterprise meets the entry requirements, it can enjoy the preferential policy of free entry for the first three years.

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