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The 18th Knife Fair Press Conference

There are eight main points in this session of the Knives & Scissors Fair: First, a large number of outstanding enterprises participated. 101 companies engaged in the import and export of Yangjiang participating in the Canton Fair actively participated in the exhibition, and 196 booths were subscribed, accounting for 52% of the total number of booths for knife and scissors products, more than three times more than the previous ones.  In addition, it also organized all the leading enterprises in the city with industry honors, high-profile brand, strong production capacity, outstanding innovation advantages, and high-tech enterprises actively participating in the exhibition.

Second, buyers are more powerful and extensive. The organization invited domestic knife and scissors dealers, Canton Fair merchants, overseas professional buyers such as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and entrusted intermediaries to organize global buyers procurement docking activities, and invited Russian, German, Japanese, Swedish and Hong Kong Macao procurement teams to import and export through the city. The company invites foreign merchants to organize domestic famous professional market buyers through Yiwu Yangjiang Chamber of Commerce and Zhengzhou Yangjiang Chamber of Commerce, and organizes procurement groups through domestic large-scale procurement companies such as China Hotel Supplies Association and National Department Store Alliance, and invites foreigners through Tencent.com and Google's paid investment invitation. Professional buyers, arranged more than 500 merchants to participate in large-scale cross-border e-commerce buyers and sellers matchmaking meeting.

Third, the content is rich and distinctive. Focusing on the purpose of creating a knife-and-cut enterprise brand, enhancing market competitiveness, enhancing technical content, promoting trade transactions, and promoting the culture of cutting and cutting, we have launched a series of special activities, such as holding multiple buyers' procurement docking activities, cutting tools, and Guangdong. Provincial Hardware Abrasive Industry Exchange Conference, Digital Marketing and Management Reconstruction Forum, Chinese Knife and Scissor Culture Root-seeking Activities and Masters Show, Famous Knife Show, Yangjiang Knife Conference.

The fourth is to comprehensively demonstrate the development results of the industry. All exhibitors are hardware knife and scissors, machinery products and hardware production auxiliary materials related to the hardware knife and scissors industry. They are used to display knife and scissors products, kitchen utensils, hardware tools, outdoor products, daily consumer goods and hardware. Knife and scissors machinery. At the same time, it will also display new intelligent mechanical equipment and new materials, specially set up Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Cuts Development Achievement Exhibition, and comprehensively display the general situation of Yangjiang Hardware Knives and Scissors industry, famous enterprises and famous products, high-quality development and previous knives. The fair of the fair.

Fifth, the cultural exchange of knife and scissors has its own characteristics. Organized the Chinese Knife and Scissor Culture Root-seeking Tour (knife-cutting culture docking exchange) activities, organized Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan designers, buyers, and innovative developers to visit Yangjiang traditional and modern knife-cutting, sword-making workshops and companies to explore and promote Chinese knife and scissors Culture, invite domestic and foreign high-end knives to enjoy the knife and knife experts to participate in the famous knife exhibition, the master craft show and the Yangjiang knife conference, to share the knife and scissors cultural exchange, tool innovation, craftsmanship, etc., so that the knife fair in addition to economic and trade exchanges In addition to docking, it also adds a new feature of knife and scissors cultural exchange.

The sixth is to integrate new elements of informationization. Set up an e-commerce exhibition with the theme of “focusing on new e-commerce dynamics and innovating e-era”. Through product display, resource sharing, interactive experience, industry cooperation and authoritative release, participants will experience the latest and most in-products and services.

The seventh is to expand the influence of the kitchen and food industry. On October 20-21 (two days), the first “Chairs for Cross-border E-commerce Buyers and Restaurants” will be held jointly, and sellers from Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as local kitchen utensils manufacturers and industry and trade will be invited. 500 enterprises participated in the promotion of the connection between Yangjiang kitchen and kitchenware enterprises and the e-commerce platform, held trade signing activities, promoted trade and further promoted the Yangjiang kitchen and kitchen appliances industry, and enhanced its influence throughout the country and the world.

Eight is a new approach to brand promotion. Entrusted Google Ads and Tencent.com to promote overseas, and vigorously use various media, especially the TV station alliance, to conduct extensive publicity in hundreds of prefecture-level cities and above. Organize the "North Bay City Taiwan to see Yangjiang knife and scissors" propaganda activities, and further explore the history and culture of metal knife and scissors, and publicize the Knife Fair more deeply, from the perspective of the "Belt and Road" and the joint development of the Beibu Gulf city.

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