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New technical materials open up new horizons

“N102 cut flavor series upgraded version, the design pays more attention to people's habit of using the cutter. The cutter body adopts remelted pure steel, and the surface adopts the drawing process, which has stronger texture.” At the new product launch conference of Yangjiang 18th Group, one The series of new and innovative tools are unveiled. This year's Tool Fair, a large number of new products, new technologies and new machinery debut, will become a major feature of the show.

The new products introduced by Yangjiang 18 are mainly divided into new material products and new technology products. “This ebony clip wooden handle cutter has a delicate feel like silk, and the handle is luxurious, and it adopts the self-made steel 5Cr15MoV. The sharpness and wear resistance are very high.” The relevant person in charge of Yangjiang 18th Group said that this The roll forging process of the product uses a uniform metallographic structure of the cutter body, while the other body of the rosewood cast steel handle cutter adopts a rubber process, which reflects the colorful lines and is bright and pure.

Yangjiang 18 "Millennium Steel Series" is particularly eye-catching. The tool is made of 87 layers of steel. The steel core is made of high-carbon alloy material. It is sharp and durable. The Damascus texture with clear surface is naturally formed and the visual impact is strong. Thanks to the application of a series of new technologies and new materials, Yangjiang 18 was selected as the “2019 Chinese Cuisine Culinary World Championship Strategic Partner” and became the official knives.

This year's knives  Fair, together with a series of new technologies, new products and new machinery will be unveiled. For example, Millenarie will launch an all-steel integrated design kitchen knife. Hongfeng will launch a CNC energy-saving curve belt grinding machine. Ketuo and Weite Technology will launch a new CNC grinding series and super grinder. Narid's new P5 dual-source flashlight series uses dual-source platform technology to mount two full-power LEDs on a slidable substrate, sharing an optimized optical system. A single reflector can achieve a dual source high-brightness output, the illumination spot is more complete and round, and the light efficiency is higher. During the Tool Fair, the organizing committee will also arrange a series of innovative product release and display activities, which will fully highlight the achievements of Yangjiang hardware knife and scissors enterprises in applying new materials, innovative production and testing technology.

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