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Started in 1992, the birth of Nanfang brothers Company in "China's knife and scissors town" – Yangjiang city. After the start of Nanfang Brothers soon became China's recognized high-quality knife manufacturers, the company's kitchen knife, scissors, fork and other products in Europe and the United States is very popular, and gradually world-renowned. Inheritance of Chinese ancient millennium craft combined with modern advanced forging skills, the depth to explore the true charm of Chinese culture, mechanical aesthetics and Seiko attainments combined, like we build the kitchen knife and other products to help users more elegant life. After years of cutting knife manufacturing history, the Nanfang Brothers is committed to work harder to listen to the voice of the user, continue  the feelings of spirit of moving the world with ingenuity, and provide users with professional ,beauty, sharp and fine quality kitchen knives.

Xinxian Feng 
Phone : 13824951362
E-Mail: 1028820838@qq.com
Address: No. 1-5, South Industrial Avenue, Mayan Industrial Zone, Yangjiang City, Guangdong 

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