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A interview to some of the exhibitors

Yesterday, we made a brief interview to some of the exhibitors who participated in the last session of the Knife Fair, mainly thinking about the exhibitors' evaluation and expectations of our knife fair.

Yangzhou Sanhe Knife Material Co., Ltd. is a Japanese-funded enterprise and one of the famous enterprises participating in the previous session. They believe that Yangjiang Knife Fair is a good display platform. The professional exhibition hall and diversified products make him quite satisfied. At the same time, Sanhe is very interested in the Yangjiang market and hopes to establish extensive cooperative relations with local enterprises. "We will come to each Yangjiang Knife Fair in the future and hope to communicate with our Chinese counterparts." He suggested that Yangjiang Knife Fair can display more personalized products.

 “Compared with the previous exhibitions in big cities such as Beishangguang, Yangjiang Knife Fair has its characteristics of combining diversification and professionalism.” Sun Maogen, sales manager of Yangzhou Forging Machine Co., Ltd. said that this is their company last year. Participating in the Yangjiang Knife Fair, the strong buyers of the lineup made them feel excited.

Yangjiang Ketteris Kitchenware Co., Ltd. is a German-owned company. The owner Dagmar Kantor is a German who lives in Yangjiang. “For any company engaged in the manufacture of metal knife and scissors, Yangjiang Knife Fair is a must-attend event.” Dagmar Kantor said that her company was exhibiting for the first time last year. “Great, modern exhibition. The museum, all kinds of knife and scissors, and a large group of buyers, all of which make Yangjiang really the world's knife and scissors center." She sincerely hopes that Yangjiang Knife Fair will continue to do so, and the better.


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